1. CCTV systems lose color owing to inadequate lighting

Cause: Your home surveillance camera equipment loses color in low light because the sensor hasn't gotten enough light or because the light sensor is just too old (or false).

Fix: Increase lighting around the camera and its accessories, or relocate the video to a more well-lit area. You may also check if the problem is on the camera by shining a spotlight straight into its eyes. (It's typical for your security camera system to be in black and white if your house is completely dark at night and not lit.)

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Note: To prevent the backlighting phenomena that causes darkening and color loss, do not add CCTV equipment that may be used to view the exterior of the home.

Because the light sensor activates the thermal night mode but is unable to switch it off when there is adequate light during the day, there are instances where the CCTV equipment still loses color (turns black and white).

You should thoroughly examine these 2 scenarios in case the sensor is faulty.

2. CCTV hardware loses color as a result of the faulty signal wiring

In most cases, CCTV equipment's signal wire is a coaxial cable (TV aerial wire for camera, basic network wire if utilizing an IP camera); nevertheless, if the network cable is subpar, the phone wire may be included.

Fix: To provide the greatest picture signal, the signal cable should be run on the copper-core coaxial wire that has been lubricated outside. You can run Vinacable's cable modem with IP camera equipment.

3. CCTV equipment suffers from infrared macro damage and loses color

After being in operation for six to twelve months, CCTV equipment runs the danger of burning out or harming the infrared lights.

7 lý do khiến camera quan sát bị mất màu và cách khắc phục 2

Fix: Submit that for warranty or swap it out for a new CCTV infrared camera. Remember to consider the infrared's power when purchasing n ew infrared so that the camera source may be used appropriately. In the event of a force majeure, we are compelled to utilize network or telephone cable as a signal for CCTV equipment. To fix this issue, we will build a second 2-head signal amplifier.

4. CCTV system loses color when non-technological equipment is used:

There are several varieties of CCTV equipment available on the market today, each using a distinct technology, including as HD-TVI, HD-CVI, HD-SDI, AHD, and ANALOG. If we head the AHD camera gadget and connect it in, The camera equipment naturally loses color when recording HD-TVI.

Weightier objects might result in color loss throughout the camera device, including the equipment.

Please take out the other video device to fix it. Use only recording equipment with the appropriate technology to prevent color loss, which will negatively impact the CCTV camera's future longevity.

5. When the connection is relocated, your CCTV camera loses color

Reconnect the CCTV device's jack to fix. Before connecting it to a permanent cable, try again using a test cord.

6. Faulty DVR pins cause the color to disappear on CCTV equipment.

Fix: Try connecting the CCTV equipment to a different pin.

For specialized solutions, you should examine the area before installing CCTV equipment. This is especially important for factories and industries since 3-phase power and signals wire length are frequently present. The signal is rather lengthy, so make your wire selection and preparations appropriately

7. A sensor issue results in color loss on CCTV equipment

Fix: Use the warranty or get a new camera. The least frequent sensor case that we employ is this one.

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