How To Fix Home Problems With Different Camera, Color, And Lost Images

1. No camera is seen.

Những Lỗi Camera Giám Sát Thường Gặp Và Cách Khắc Phục | Nguyễn Kim

This mistake is due to the source; if the camera's power supply is used frequently, it is likely that it will become weak and not give adequate power for the camera.

The issue may be resolved by just purchasing a new source from a camera retailer.

Whether the source has been replaced but the field is still not working, check the jacks again to see if there is a link and whether it is tight. If required, replace the jack with a new one.

2. The image is smeared, loud, and filled with tiny specks.

After being used for a while in the sunlight, the Jack head is the major culprit for this issue. The jack might be impacted by outside elements including water, dust, or wind.

Clean up or replace your new Jack to repair it

3. Black and white inaccuracy in the image

Black-and-white situations that influence the camera include:

After some time, if the image on the monitor is black and white (when seen in daylight), it's possible that the eye has deteriorated, making the iron color less sensitive. For assistance with this issue, contact an installation professional.

If the camera's viewing angle is too direct, the picture will be glared, turn black and white or pale, and no longer represent reality.

If we place the video in a place that is too gloomy or in low light, we need adjust the camera's position or viewing angle.

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